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Hi, we're Arc - your real estate mobile safety solution.

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Our Mission

Every year, 1/3 of realtors fear for their personal safety; yet there is no industry-wide solution to help mitigate the potential physical and emotional harms faced by these realtors. Arc is developing a mobile system that integrates safety-oriented and potentially life-saving features with streamlined processes for brokerages. In doing so, we work towards contributing to a world where people can feel safe in their everyday lives, including in their careers.

Our Team

Arc was founded at the University of Washington by a team of passionate individuals, striving to create positive changes in the world, and has since grown to include more dedicated members who share in this goal. In addition to our team, Arc is also supported by an accomplished panel of advisors.

Arc App

Safety Timer

The Arc Security App allows users to set countdown timer intervals which require a check-in to ensure their safety.

SMS Alerts

The user's personalized Safety Network is alerted via SMS messaging if a check-in is missed.

GPS Location

SMS alerts will include current GPS location so the user's Safety Network will know where to find them.

Audio Clips

An audio clip will be automatically recorded when the alert is set off in case of emergencies.

NFC Integration

The app now includes timer activation using Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags.

Calendar Integration

Arc also now includes Google/Apple calendar integration so Safety Networks can see relevant information.

Database System

Our newest feature is a database system that allows for integration with existing organizations.

More Coming Soon!

Arc is always looking to innovate with new and exciting features. Message us any suggestions below!

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Send us a message through this form or email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you asap!